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The Greek philosopher Thales said,

“All things water, that all comes from water, and to water all returns. ”

This means that the water is the one primal kind of existence and that everything else in the universe is merely a modification of water, Also, 70% of the body is made up of water. 

From the ancient times, our country was known to be a land of beautiful scenery with good mountains and water.

However, we enow live in an environment where we can only drink filtered or store bought water.

Also, we are exposed to an environment where we are dehydrated or drink unhealthy water in our busy daily lives.

Hence, 'i-water' with “i-water, My Water” concept wants to provide a chance for our and my precious body to become closer to water. 

Also, we want to provide healthy water that  helps the lives of the people and the earth with

the 'i-water' that holds smart and healthy water.

Experience your body becoming free and healthy with i-water

The alkaline water ionized through Mineral Ball of the Mineral Filter helps to improve digestive symptoms. 
Also, the alkaline water ionized by reacting with Mineral Ball has antibacterial function and generates active hydrogen
which is in contrast to the oxygen free radical, which are the reason for illnesses and aging.

Configuration of mineral Ball 

Magnesium Ball

The magnesium ions within our body helps to burn fat to create energy (ATP) and acts as asupplementary factor in over 300 fermentation reactions within the body to reduce cholesterol level. It is also effective in overcoming depression and depressive feelings and functions to keep the cardiovascular system healthy.  

Tourmaline Ball

Tourmaline is the only mineral on earth that has permanent electrical polarity. Tourmaline is a mineral used in the environment as well as in life. It functions to make water molecules smaller, allowing it to be absorbed in the body more quickly.   

Evan Ball

According to the eastern medical manual, elvan is characterized to be sweet, warm and without toxicity. It was used as a filtering agent to purify herbal medicine and was also used as an anti-inflammatory medicine to treat skin diseases. It also acts to reduce the size of the water molecules.   

Carbon Ball

It is used in the food industry as well as other various industrial fields as filters and to remove odor and toxic substances. It selectively and effectively attaches to all ingredients without specifications.   

Material usage of Tritan

The Tritan is an eco-friendly material that was developed by the Eastman Chemical, a global company that made the PET. The endocrine disruptor Bisphenol-A as well as other materials that are harmful to the body was not detected in Tritancopolyester of Eastman, it is a pure polyester raw material.

Ph 8.5+  &  Mineral

The alkaline water with the pH of 8.5 or higher neutralizes our body that is acidified and supplements the minerals lacking in us.  

Anti Bacterial 99.9%

The alkaline water of  i-water has an antibacterial  function.

Active Hydrogen Water

The active hydrogen which is in contrast to the oxygen  free radicals that causes various illnesses and aging is produced abundantly.

Balanced Health


The alkaline water of i-water helps to improve the digestive symptoms

(chronic diarrhea/ indigestion/ abnormal intestinal hyperacidity)


1% of the sales profit is used for charity.

  • Before first time use, rinse the i-water thoroughly using tap water.

  • The 'i-water' is intended for use with tap or filtered water.

  • Water poured into the i-water bottle should be used within 24 hours.

  • When not in use, make sure the bottle is thoroughly dry.

  • Avoid placing the bottle in direct sunlight for sustained periods.

  • The life expectancy of the mineral filter is one year if used 4 times per day, or 1,460 refills. 

  • It’s recommended that you replace the filter every year to maintain its effectiveness.

Care & Usage 

Functions of the mineral ball is by converting water into alkaline water.
Changing that the mineral ball color is dark grey is the result of reacting with water continuously. 
To maintain its hygienic condition, the mineral ball should be regularly cleaned and maintained.
The mineral filter requires weekly cleaning to maintain optimal performance.

Please follow the directions on proper care and maintenance.

Folow the directions below to clean the bottle if the ceramic changes dark grey after using a week.

  1. Fill 4 tablespoons (about 20ml) of vinegar and enough water to fill the bottle so that the filter is immersed.

  2. Close the lid, shake bottle more than 5 times, then open the lid and leave for 2 minutes.

  3. ** Washing according to these instructions will generate a reaction that produces bubbles and gas. Make sure to leave the cap open. If you do not open the lid, the internal pressure will increase due to the gas generated, which can damage the lid.

   4. When the color of the mineral ball is restored to silver, discard the water used to clean and rinse 2-3times with clean water.

How to clean

Mini 380

Classic Mini 380 –


The Classic Mini 380 is a handy, convenient water bottle perfect for both students and women on the go.

Its portable size allows you to take advantage of i-water's benefits anywhere, anytime .



▪ Size : 79mm X 188mm X 73mm (D)

▪ Weight : 252 g

▪ Capacity : 378 ml (Except mineral filter)

▪ Material : Tritan, Siliciu, ABS, Eastman  * BPA free

▪ Manufacture : Made in Korea

Portable 600

Classic Portable 600 –


The Classic Portable 600's increased size is perfect  for sustained outdoor  activities such as hiking, long distance running (jogging) , or any other sport.

The alkaline ionized water in I-water allows for faster rehydration during these demanding activities.


▪ Size : 79mm X 250mm X 73mm (D)

▪ Weight : 343 g

▪ Capacity : 616 ml  (Except mineral filter)

▪ Material: Tritan, Siliciu, ABS, Eastman  * BPA free

▪ Manufacture : Made in Korea

Home 1400

Classic Home 1400 –

The Classic Home 1400 is our largest size and perfect for home use.

Here, users can enjoy the advantage of i-water filtration system in a convenient high capacity.

This model is ideal for fulfilling your cooking needs.

When using i-water for cooking,  you will notice a positive improvement. 

Because the water is easily absorbed, meat and vegetables will be tender and tastier.

It’s also great for rinsing fruits and vegetables because of it's anti-bacterial traits.


▪ Size : 110mm X 290mm

▪ Weight : 657 g

▪ Capacity : 1.394 ml (Except mineral filter)

▪ Material: Tritan, Siliciu, Eastman  * BPA free

▪ Manufacture : Made in Korea



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